Welcome to the McElhattan Foundation. We are a Pittsburgh-based grantmaking foundation.

Our mission is preserving and enhancing human life, and we are working toward this by focusing our grantmaking on four program areas: 

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After meeting with numerous nonprofit leaders and discussing the challenges brought on by COVID-19, out partners at Bridge Builders Community Foundations developed their Community Needs website!

The Community Needs website allows organizations to submit any items/supplies needed for ongoing operations. These requests may include masks, cleaning supplies, disposable utensils, canned food items, etc. After submission, the website will then display the organization’s needs for the community to view and donate requested items. To request or donate a needed item, please visit https://bbcfneeds.org/. #pittsburgh #philanthropy #covid19response #franklinpa #knoxpa

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We can’t wait for @carnegielibrary’s 3-part program focused on teaching strategies to navigate the flood of information and deception. We are proud to support CLP and thank them for their commitment to providing resources for high-quality information in our community. Reserve your spot today!

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Finding reliable information online can feel overwhelming, especially in the time of COVID-19. Join us for Navigating Information Fatigue, a 3-part virtual series where you will learn strategies to more confidently manage information overload from Calum Matheson, PhD, Assistant Professor of Public Deliberation and Civic Life and Director of Debate @pittofficial. To learn more, and to reserve your spot, visit https://bit.ly/2XimDnH

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The McElhattan Foundation is committed to enhancing the quality of life at the end of life. In our Spring 2020 grant cycle, we awarded the University of Pittsburgh Palliative Research Center’s Dr. Yael Schenker and Dr. Bob Arnold a 3-year grant to pilot palliative care telehealth solutions in rural oncology clinics. The Foundation is proud to support Dr. Yael Schenker and Dr. Bob Arnold’s work of ensuring quality end-of-life care for all.

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We are proud to support @nationalsafetycouncil and their #SAFER task force help employers safety bring employees back to work! Visit nsc.org/safer to learn how you can support SAFER.

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Girls of Steel isn't letting COVID-19 keep them from strengthening their team! In March, @girlsofsteelrobotics began holding Zoom leadership meetings as well as workshops and hosting speakers such as Ayana Ledford, the CMU director for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion. They also held their yearly Gala virtually, where four guest panelists were four Girls of Steel alumnae. We love seeing our grantees find creative ways to stay connected!

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